President’s Message

September 15, 2022

Happy New Year.  These last couple years have made me value and appreciate the meaning of community in a way I wasn’t able to appreciate until the concept of community was so brutally challenged by the realities of pandemic isolation.  As we re-emerge from COVID-19 restrictions, we now have an opportunity to rebuild our sense of community right in our literal backyard.  Thanks to the dedication of Board Members, other NCJCC Leaders and our two Rabbi’s, the membership of the congregation has been able to keep our extended Jewish family together and can now focus our energies on enjoying the kinship that comes from our shared identity.

The pandemic forced us to get creative in finding ways to communicate remotely and provide services, hold meetings, and maintain educational focus while in isolation.  As we are now able to move more and more to returning to in person events and education, I am happy we are finding ways to utilize the technology that kept us connected over the past two years to remain connected as a community and maintain connections with those who have left our immediate area.  Between Friday Night Shabbat Services, Saturday Torah study, Kinneret’s Learning sessions with Children, Parents and Adults, and Rabbi’s Kids,  we sponsor and enjoy Jewish activities and will soon be looking to increase our role as a community center by welcoming additional activities back to Walsh Street in addition to our core functions.  As the back yard project nears completion, we will look to use the space in a way that heightens the sense of kinship among our members, as well as reach out to the greater community, Jewish or otherwise, by welcoming the public back to events held at the Center.

As I take my turn at the helm of our Board, I appreciate the hard work and dedication of our Board members, Rabbi David, and Theresa Eckerling.  I am particularly grateful for the continued involvement of Mike Atlas to assist our treasurer, and Garrett Eckerling for taking on a leadership role notwithstanding his tenure on the Board coming to an end.

This Annual Directory, in addition to member contact information, provides organizational information, calendars of events and more. It will celebrate programs and events and recognize those who have made it possible for our community to continue to offer a wide variety of Jewish services and programs to our community. The important point to remember is that we are mostly all volunteers who are working extremely hard. None of us seek praise or recognition for what we do, but all of us appreciate when everyone pitches in. If you have recommendations for activities or programs that can put our Community Center to full use, please let me know. If you know of a Jewish family in the area who we can invite to our events and show off the great work done to the Center during the pandemic, let me know.

May the coming year find us all in good health, spirits, and peace.

David Cohen