Gift Shop

Our Sisterhood Judaic Gift Shop consists of a showcase in the main entrance, the display cases in the social hall and the storage cabinets for the merchandise.  We travel to San Francisco to purchase the beautiful merchandise for holidays and special events. It is open every Friday night at the Oneg, and by appointment. We stock a selection of merchandise for personal use such as candle sticks, menorahs, Sabbath candles, yahrzeit candles, mezuzahs, greeting cards for all occasions, holiday items according to the Jewish calendars, jewelry, and other gifts for bar/bat mitzvah. It’s a convenience to the congregation in that they don’t have to travel far to purchase the items they need at a good value.

The profit supports the Sisterhood treasury and is used for the benefit of the Congregation.  About $500.00 per year goes for Community Outreach.

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