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July 28, 2015   12 Av 5775
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Welcome to Congregation B'Nai Harim!  

Located in the beautiful Sierra foothills, midway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, we are a diverse, warm and welcoming community; a place where our members can develop close and lasting friendships.  We embrace traditional and non-traditional families, singles, and both partners of interfaith marriages.  While we are a Reform congregation, as the only Jewish place of worship in the region, our religious services reflect both traditional and contemporary modes of worship.

Rabbi Alan Greenbaum, brings his experience and devotion to Judaism and the Jewish people to our community.  Our vibrant and growing religious school is led by Harriett Kroot, a teacher and former principal with a lifetime of experience who provides our children with a remarkable curriculum of special Jewish experiences and family programs while empowering them to live the rest of their lives as knowledgeable Jews.

Our congregation is a place to pray and learn and draw close to God.  It is a loving environment for celebrating and commemorating life's special occasions.  It is a place to call home. Please explore our website, and should you have any questions, feel free to call our office or send us an e-mail at


Rabbi Alan Greenbaum  

Welcome to Congregation B'nai Harim!
Dear Friends,
Been to a cemetery lately?It sounds like a depressing question, but it really isn't. We
have in our communities two very special Jewish cemeteries. These are the Pioneer Jewish
Cemeteries located in Grass Valley and in Nevada City. While we take primary responsibility for
the maintenance of these sacred grounds, we share that with the Commission for the
Preservation of Pioneer Jewish Cemeteries and Landmarks. The oldest graves go back to the
I mention it here for two reasons. First, these cemeteries represent our oldest history in the
region. Second, they are a wonderful living reminder of how we function as a community.
Even in our earliest days when there were only a handful of Jews living in Nevada County, we
functioned as a caring community - taking care of every aspect of Jewish life for each other.
And as we did in pioneer days, so we do today in the second decade of the 21st century. We at
Congregation B'nai Harim strive to be a community which is both warm and welcoming. We
have a vision of a vibrant Jewish community and work hard for that to continue as a reality. We
are proud of our heritage and of our Jewish values and share them with anybody who cares to
join us.
As a member of this wonderful community, please make every effort to participate in our many
activities over the year. I think you will enjoy it and we will be a stronger congregation as a
result of you being an active member!
I wish you a healthy and joyful year!
Shana tova,
Rabbi Alan Greenbaum

From The President  

Welcome to Congregation B'nai Harim and the Nevada County Jewish Community Center. In 2013 the office of President is being shared by three members. Thanks to dedicated Board members and active membership, we feel supported and proud of our engaged members and presence in the foothills community. We keep the NCJCC open every week for Shabbat services, holiday celebrations, and community and social activities. We host Sunday School classes from pre-school to high school, and Hebrew School for those wanting to learn and prepare for Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Our adult education includes Rabbi led discussions such as "Ess and Fress" and pertinent books, movies, and lectures.
In most organizations, the people are what make it special. Our Rabbi, Alan Greenbaum leads meaningful Shabbat and High Holiday services, prepares our Bar and Bat Mitzvah boys and girls, and is involved in education and social counsel when needed to help or support our members and families. He steadies the rudder for many as we experience life's challenges. Harriett Kroot is the Principal or our Sunday and Hebrew schools. Her teaching skills and leadership supports the dedicated teachers that guide our children in Jewish education and learning a challenging language. The Sunday School mornings start out with simple service with ritual, prayer, and songs. While created for the students, all members are welcome to join a short injection of worship.
While we are cautious of trying to individually list everyone who contributes for fear of missing someone, many of our members contribute by leading services when the Rabbi is away; hosting community dinners; hosting onegs; baking challas; overseeing the finances, building and landscape; promoting and publicizing activities; updating our website; leading activities; contributing time and resources; performing, sharing, and giving. We host fundraising activities in the community to gain exposure at the Nevada County Fair and our now famous Deli Night. We offer a Mens Club and Sisterhood to the community, not just our NCJCC members.
We truly are a community organization and are blessed with caring and helpful members who often contribute tirelessly. We thank everyone for their contribution and commitment to a successful welcoming environment to enable year-around worship, holiday celebration, Jewish education and lifestyle, and friendships.

Garrett Eckerling, Victor Simon, and Gordon Mann, Presidents

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Reminder, our Friday night services start at 6:30 pm, please join us for worship.

Pot Luck(dairy) the first Friday of the month.

see calendar for other scheduled events

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